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Hi, I'm Lilpurpberry and I'm the founder of Blueberry DAO! I'm a 13 year old pixel artist from Australia, and I discovered NFTs with my dad. I started creating art for other people in the NFT community, and that's how my journey began.

With the help of a community grant from Nouncil, a group of builders, artists and contributors who participate in Nouns DAO governance, I was able to create Blueberry DAO. I developed the auction site with Nouns Builder and created all the digital art for the DAO.

I started Blueberry DAO to support kids less fortunate than me and to do good with no expectation of return. I believe that supporting kids charities and initiatives that help kids in need is important because it creates a better future for all of us. When we invest in children's education, health, and well-being, we are investing in the future of our communities.

My vision for Blueberry DAO is to build a community of like-minded people who want to support our objectives and learn about crypto, decentralisation, and Nouns DAO. I'm excited to be part of this cause and to see where it takes us!

If you're not familiar with Nouns DAO, it's a decentralised autonomous organisation that experiments with new forms of governance and collective decision-making. The goal of Nouns DAO is to create a community-owned and operated network that benefits its members and the wider ecosystem.

💜🫐 ⌐◨-◨

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