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Funded Proposals

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Medical treatments for Dion

May 2023 - 3 year old Dion has B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and wasn't responding to chemotherapy treatments. The DAO voted to donate 10% of its treasury at the time to support Dion's ongoing medical treatments. The proposal also helped bring awareness to other fundraising campaigns in support of Dion and his family. Funding amount 0.0271 ETH

Dels son.jpeg
Starlight BAB.jpeg
Starlight Foundation x Build-A-Bear

June 2023 - Blueberry DAO founder, Lilpurpberry used a community grant she received from Nouns DAO and Nouncil to hold a teddy bear workshop at the Queensland Children's Hospital. Partnering with Starlight Foundation Australia and Build-A-Bear, 50 in-patient children at the hospital attended the workshop and were able to build their own bear, customise matching t-shirts, carryout a heart ceremony and formally adopt their new best friend. Whilst not a proposal to Blueberry DAO, this initiative was funded by a grant to the DAO. Funding amount 0.95 ETH

Starlight BAB_edited.jpg
Starlight BAB.jpeg
Variety the Children's Charity (Victoria)

August 2023 - Variety (Victoria) became a DAO member in June and submitted a proposal to fund a bike package for a child living with disadvantage. Over 13,000 kids have received bikes through this program since 2002. Recipient Evie-Rose lives with scoliosis and, with a brother also living with disability, the cost of an item like a bike can be out of reach for her family. Together with founder Lilpurpberry, Variety presented Evie-Rose with a brand new bike and noggles ⌐◨-◨ Funding amount 0.095 ETH

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